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Important information about filing an adoption in Maine.

ADOPTING YOUR STEP CHILD IN MAINE: We are committed to helping unite families through stepparent adoption. We understand that some relationships leave a child with an absent parent. Our program allows families to complete their Maine step parent adoptions without the high cost of an adoption attorney.
Completing a stepparent adoption in Maine doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Our goal is to empower families with an affordable means to adopt their stepson or stepdaughter. We back our service with a 100% court acceptance guarantee.
Adopt your step child in Maine. Forms to help do it yourself families to complete their own adoption in Maine.

Maine step parent adoption

Maine stepson and stepdaughter adoption.

Helping the entire State of Maine in stepparent adoption.

We help families throughout the entire State. Our documents have consistently been praised by the Courts in Maine and recommended by court clerks.
We help families in every city of Maine, including: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, Biddleford, Sanford, and every other city in Maine.

Important information about filing an adoption in Maine.

A stepparent adoption in Maine can be a fairly simple process, and it can be a wonderful step to take to unit the family unit. When the adoption is completed, the child will have the following benefits:
> New name is established (if desired)
> New birth certificate
> Two legal parents active in the child’s life
> Ability to inherit from adoptive parent
The child will have a relationship with the adoptive parent that is the same as if the child were born to the stepparent. The child’s new birth certificate will show the child’s new name and will have the adoptive parent and the natural parent listed as the child’s mother and father.
If your matter is complex, a local adoption attorney can answer any legal questions you may have. Review the following fact check which provides a general guideline as to whether you can do your own adoption:

Who can adopt.

> Stepmother, or
> Stepfather
A stepparent in Maine can file to adopt his or her step child. The stepparent must be legally married to the child’s parent.
In some states, a domestic partnership and same-sex marriages may also adopt under the step parent adoption laws.

Parental Rights

Both the biological father and the biological mother have parental rights to the child. In every adoption, the absent or consenting parents parental rights will have to be terminated.
Some of the common grounds for termination of parental rights are:
> Abandonment of the child
> Lack of financial support
> Sustained lack of contact
> Abuse or neglect of minor children
> Putative or presumptive father is not the bio-father

Child’s consent

In Maine, if the child is over 12 years of age, the child will be required to sign a consent to the adoption.

Where to file

You will file your step parent adoption documents in the court located in the county where you reside. If you are in the military, you have the option to file in your home-state of record.
We have listed the address for some of the Maine Courts below.

Maine Adoption

After you have determined that you want to complete a stepparent adoption, and have familiarized yourself with the adoption process, we can help you make the adoption a reality.
The adoption is fairly simple:
> Complete our online questionnaire
> Review and sign the adoption forms
> Notice the absent parent
> Sign all consents
> Complete background check (if required)
> Complete home-study (if required)
> Attend final adoption hearing
We will let you know if a background check or home study is required. We will also let you know if your specific situation can eliminate any steps or whether a step or two will need to be added.

Do it yourself step parent adoption in Maine


Here is the information for all of the courts in Maine that handle adoptions. If your region is not listed, we will include the nearest court information with your documents.


Kennebec County Superior Court: 95 State St., Augusta, ME 04330 Phone: (207) 624-5800


Cumberland County Superior Court: 142 Federal St., Portland, ME 04112 Phone: (207) 822-4113 TTY: (207) 822-4212


Court filing fees.

The court filing fees for an adoption in Maine are approximately $200.

Step Parent Adoption in Maine We help families throughout Maine complete their stepparent adoptions without the high cost of an adoption attorney. We serve families in Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, Biddleford, Sanford and all the other cities in Maine.

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