Simple process of adopting an adult child

Have you developed a relationship with your stepchild that is the same as what exists between a child and a biological parent. Many people don’t realize that you can adopt your stepchild in most states, even if that child is an adult.

There are many married couples who want to complete an adoption of a spouse’s adult child. Many times a couple will get married and their child is an adult, but one of the child’s natural parents are deceased, or have abandoned the child, and they desire to adopt the child who is an adult. Completing an adult stepparent adoption, where you are adopting a child who is 18 years of age or older, is the simplest of all adoptions.

Adult Adoption

You have a relationship of parent and child. It only makes sense to adopt your stepchild and eliminate the legal barriers. An adult adoption is the easiest type of adoption. We will prepare your adult adoption forms and help you through the process.

We make adult adoptions simple.

We are experienced in adult adoptions and have completed adult adoptions for customers across the country. Most every state allows you to adopt an adult, except in the following States:

  • > Arizona, if the adult is over the age of 21, unless you have a stepparent relationship.

Each State has exact procedures for the adoption of an adult. Some States require an agreement between the person who is adopting and the person who is being adopted, and this agreement is filed with the court along with the adoption documents. Some States require specific procedures and documents to be completed and filed to complete the adoption. Stepparent Adoption forms is experienced with the adoption procedures and the specific documents required to complete your adult adoption in every State that allows adult adoptions.

How the adult adoption will effect the adoptee

The laws for adopting an adult and for adopting a minor child are very similar in most states. The person being adopted will receive a new birth certificate showing the person who is adopting as the parent of the adoptee. The adoptee can also change their name in the adoption process if they so desire. In some states, the child will retain the inheritance rights of their biological parent, as well as gaining inheritance rights of the parent adopting them.

Adult adoptions commonly occur with families where there has been developed a bond between a stepparent and the child. Many times one of the child’s biological parents is deceased or has abandoned the child, and the only real parent that the child knows is the stepparent. In situations such as this, there is a strong desire to complete the family unity through adoption. Even if the adult child is married, the adoption can still be completed. In situations where the adult adoptee is married, the adoptee’s spouse usually will be required to sign a consent to the adult adoption.

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