Terms of our Guarantee

The staff of StepParentAdoptionForms.com has prepared over 60,000 legal documents for its customers. We have researched the laws in each state to assure that your documents are legal and current. In our 20 years preparing adoption documents we have adjusted to many changes mandated by the courts. Our guarantee demonstrates our extreme confidence in our documents. We guarantee that the documents you receive from StepParentAdoptionForms.com will be accepted by the court (given that the information you provide is accurate). We know how important this is to you and your child. We make the process simple so you can concentrate on your family. The documents are the actual documents for your state and county and are customized to your specific situation, taking into consideration the child, the absent parent and other factors in your case.

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If for some reason the court does not accept your documents, StepParentAdoptionForms.com will give you updated documents at no extra charge. You must contact us immediately to receive instructions on updating the documents. If you do not contact us, the guarantee is not valid. If the court does not accept the documents after we have had the opportunity to revise them, submit a written verification from the court that the documents are not accepted and StepParentAdoptionForms.com will refund the money given to StepParentAdoptionForms.com. Due to changing laws and changes to documents, this guarantee is valid for a full year from the date of your purchase of our service.   Changes to laws in adoptions, and changes to documents happen rapidly. StepParentAdoptionForms.com makes every reasonable effort to immediately update our documents to reflect any changes in the laws. We feel confident that our documents remain up to date, but it is possible that a newly released change in a law would not be included on a certain document. We believe that our commitment to making sure our documents are updated and always of the highest quality is so strong, that we will guarantee the documents of StepParentAdoptionForms.com – 100%.


Privacy Policy


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All data processed from your computer through our website is encrypted and secured by the latest in 128 bit encryption technology. Once in our system, you never have to worry about the security of your information.


We do not store any of the credit card information. All credit cards transactions are processed through a third party secure gateway, and none of your financial information is kept or accessible by StepParentAdoptionForms.com.

Your account is secured by a “3 strikes and you’re out” rule, which will disable your account in the event someone attempts to access your information by trying different pass codes. We can easily reactivate your account, or you can reactivate your account on your own by resetting your password, but this can only be completed if you know the current password.

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