Adopt a Step Child


Written by Ronald Brown PhD



The Courageous Life discusses the topics surrounding the pursuit of your dreams in detail and includes examples and supporting stories to teach and encourage you. The Courageous Life helps you map out a personal plan, not only to help you clarify your dreams, but to determine what specific steps you need – today, this week, next month – as you journey towards your dreams and goals.


        Jack Canfield, co-editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series says:

“To live the courageous life, you cannot tip-toe into the future. You must understand that life is not about safety. It is about growth. And you can only grow when you take on challenges – when you stretch yourself to be all that you can be, to do all that you can do, and have all the experiences that you can have. The fact that you are reading this book – The Courageous Life – means that you are now ready to take the next steps on your heroic path. Welcome to the club.


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We believe this book can change your life, for the better. We highly recommend that you read this book and apply its principles to your life. We believe in doing so, you will forge courageously to realizing your life-long dreams.



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