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Step parent adoption to adopt your stepson or stepdaughter

Step Parent Adoption Experience Counts

We are the industry leader in helping families complete their own stepparent adoption. Our affordable program is court approved and comes with a full 100% court-acceptance guarantee. If you are looking to unite your family and adopt your step child, our years of experience is the key to ensuring that you will have a trouble-free adoption. We have helped thousands of families complete their stepparent adoptions and we want to help you today.
Our professional adoption service will save you money. Many adoption attorneys will charge you $3,000-5,000 to complete your stepparent adoption. Our affordable service is only $325 and we include all the documents you will need to complete your adoption. The court costs for most States is around $300 that you will pay later to the court. In addition, we stay with you and help guide you through the entire adoption process until it is final with the court.



Good afternoon, I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I was with your service. You sent the forms quickly to me after submitting payment, and each time I called there was a friendly person on the line who could answer all of my questions.


We filed the paperwork on July 5th and the adoption was finalized on July 21st! The clerk was a bit skeptical that we weren’t using an attorney, but the judge said it was the best pro se adoption paperwork he’d ever seen – he said normally without attorneys he has to send people back no less than 4 times to get the paperwork he needs. Two attorneys quoted me $5000 to handle this.


The request to waive the home study was successful- this also saved us quite a bit of money, and was never even mentioned by attorneys as an option.


Thank you thank you for everything! Superb company and service!


– Bridge City, Texas

Adopt step children
We know how important this adoption is to you and your child. We make the process simple so you can concentrate on your family. The documents are the actual documents for your state and county and are customized to your specific situation, taking into consideration the child, the absent parent and other factors in your case.


The key is making the process simple enough so that anyone can complete their own stepparent adoption. Over the years we have perfected our procedure to make sure you receive the most current adoption documents and support you need.
Do it yourself step parent adoption

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COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: is the most respected, experienced and reliable service of its kind. Our customer support staff is available to help and assist you through the process, and deliver the professional care your adoption case deserves.
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Adopt a Step Child